About our Local Interagency Services Team

The Local Interagency Services Team (LIST) is a coalition of community members focused on improving the juvenile justice system and preventing youth from entering the system. The coalition is open to all of the community including parents, providers, and other leaders.

These meetings are open to the public!

The Joint Collaborative between LIST/FFP (Family Focus Partnership) meetings take place the 1st Wednesday of every month from 9:30-11am

at EdAdvance 4 Mountainview Terrace, Room 201 Danbury, CT.

For more information or be added to our Region 5 Newsletter, please email dys.list@gmail.com

Region 5 Community Resource Guide

Stand Together Make a Difference 

The Stand Together Make a Difference (STMAD) coalition meets monthly at our office the first Monday of each month throughout the year.

These meetings are open to the public!

For more information please visit their website!:

Email Terry Budlong at tbudlong@mccaonline.com or

STMAD Danbury at stmad.danbury@gmail.com

Juvenile Review Board

We are excited to announce that as of this year we will be starting a pilot program for the Juvenile Review Board (JRB).

For more information on this please email danburyjrb@gmail.com