Calling All Contractors!

Do you own a hardware store or contracting business in the greater Danbury area? If so, you can help DYS achieve a modest remodel of our offices to accommodate a much-needed activities room for our youth programs. We are seeking donations of the below construction materials, listed in order of priority:

* Downstairs LVT flooring 70 sq. ft. (Light to Gray Color Flooring)
* 50 8ft. studs 2 x 4
* 1 bucket of taping compound
* 4 gallons wall paint MTG room
* 2 gallons of ceiling paint
* 16 sheets dry wall
* 1 gallon trim paint
* 12 pieces door trim
* 28” pre-hung French door (office)
* 25’ 24” inch pre hung door (closet)
* 24 x 21’ approximate laminate desk and 6 support brackets
* 32 4 x 8 1⁄4 ply for floor
* Upstairs LVT flooring 40 sq. ft.
* 80 ft. chair rail
* 3 gallons of wall paint for upper hall

In exchange for your donation, we will recognize your company on our website and Facebook page, and add a green "leaf" bearing your name to our giving tree mural in the DYS lobby. Please call Julie Schmitter or Diane Doling at (203) 748-2936 to contribute.