I hope you will consider supporting DYS on March 5 by going to www.fcgives.org and making your donation.  Here are just a few reasons why!
  • Supporting youth strengthens the community through fostering skills that help children meet their life goals – contributing to a healthier society
  • Empowering youth to do well in school both academically and socially helps build strong communities and schools contributing to the desirability of living in the Greater Danbury Community
  • Challenging youth to learn positive life skills and coping mechanisms boosts self-esteem and confidence leading to better decision making and less negative behaviors 
  • Being pro-active prevents dangerous and careless behaviors in community youth, which helps raise the quality of life for our children and their families

With your help, we will reach our $5,000 fundraising goal on Fairfield County Giving Day. 


DYS Leadership Statement:

The mission of the Center is one that is embraced by Board and staff alike: to strengthen youth and families by supporting and fostering hope and teaching the skills necessary to lead positive and productive lives. Of paramount importance to all is to provide children with the ability to lead successful lives and engaging families in the process. Building life skills, teaching children coping mechanisms, and being a resource for both children and families are some of the ways that the mission is carried out. As important, is creating an environment that is conducive to learning and growing. This is addressed by focusing on both the physical environment (upgrading the facility, providing a welcoming atmosphere, etc.) and by addressing the mental health of the child — learning new treatments and methodologies that will empower children to grow successfully into adulthood.
Excellence, competence, compassion, respect and leadership are the core values that exemplify how the mission of DYS is carried out.
• Excellence — there is a high standard of quality in how the services of DYS are delivered
• Competence – the staff is professional, dedicated and committed to continually utilizing best counseling practices
• Compassion – caring, dedication and concern for children and families are emblematic of the organization
• Respect – honesty, integrity and recognition of the importance of fostering a sense of independence and hope is critical
• Leadership – exhibiting high ethical standards along with the impetus to provide good role models is inherent in what DYS does
These core values augment the mission and communicate the principles upon which the organization is based.

Julie Schmitter, MPA,  Executive Director, jschmitter@danburyyouthservices.org

DYS TARGET Program – Making a Difference!


What People Are Saying About Danbury Youth Services, Inc.  

“My counselor has shown me a lot about my anger and how I can control it.  I’m so excited that DYS has paid for summer camp – they even gave me the bike I needed for camp.  When I was in a car accident, my DYS counselor helped me get new eye glasses.”

“This is a place where I feel safe to talk about what I want.  I feel listened to and it makes me feel comfortable.  The counselors are helpful and respectful but never push to far.  I am getting to release any pent-up emotion to someone who cares and it feels good.”

“Before GAL’s Club I was smart, fun, secretive, and shy.  Now I am still smart and fun but  am also confident, brave, easy going, and I have friends.”

“As a leaders in GAL’s Club, I help others as much as I can.  Before joining the club, I did not know how to make friends.”

“Coming here has helped my family to understand each other more – it makes us feel closer.”

“Coming to DYS has helped me learn not to be a bully.  My teachers made some changes that my counselor suggested, and its helped me do better at school”