Contact Information

For Donations:

Click here or call 203-748-2936

For General Questions:

Julie Schmitter, Executive Director -

For Counseling:

Joe Arconti, Clinical Director - 203-748-2936 or

For Earn-A-Bike / Come-Up or bike donations:

Joseph Dobbins, Project Director - 860-375-4376 or

For Youth Employment:

Joseph Dobbins, Project Director - 860-375-4376 or

For Local Interagency Services Team (LIST):

Joseph Dobbins, LIST Coordinator - 860-375-4376 or


Office Number: 203-748-2936 or


Please complete the application and submit the application, the first page of your tax return, and brochure/registration for the activity/sport. No application without those items will be considered.