TARGET is an after-school program for 24 youth participants (ages 5–10) residing in the Laurel Gardens Housing Community in the City of Danbury and a limited number of other children in need of after school programs. In cooperation with the Pembroke Elementary School, the TARGET program is operated on-site during the after-school hours of 2:30–5:30 P.M on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It is also operated during daytime hours in summer when school is not in session.

Program Objective

TARGET provides to its participants the benefits of an after school program – keeping youth safe during the after-school hours – as well as providing a healthy lifestyle curriculum based on evidence-based best practices. The goals of the program aim to provide its participants with a safe and nurturing environment, instruction on positive living and healthy social skills, and giving regular homework assistance and literacy instruction for each participant to assist in increasing academic success.