About Girls As Leaders

The Girls As Leaders program provides to its participants the benefits of an after school program as well as providing a healthy lifestyle curriculum based on evidence based best practices. Each GAL’s group meets twice a week for 2 hours.

Program Objectives

The goal of the Girls Leadership Program, called Girls As Leaders (GALs) Club, is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for young women to take an active role in improving their self-confidence and equipping them with the skills to succeed into high school and progressing to achieve their academic or vocational aspirations. It is the hope of the after school program that participants will be able to increase their leadership skills, develop better social skills in communicating with family, friends, and teachers, and develop a positive image of themselves (i.e. appreciate themselves for who they are, focusing on their strengths and accepting their limitations).

For more information:

                  Call Office Number: 203-748-2936 or email dys.gals@gmail.com