DYS Board of Directors

John Gogliettino, Chairperson

Robert L. Giampe, Vice-Chairperson

Brian J. McGuigan, Acting Secretary

Quentin Leitz, Treasurer

Kathleen Brouillette, Member-At-Large

Anna Nowak

Sanaa Almarayati

Tara Carvalho

DYS Staff

Executive Director
Julie A. Schmitter, MPA

Medical Director
Dr. Sol Lee, MD

Clinical Director
Elizabeth Cotter, LPC

Operations Director
Diane Doling

Receptionist/Office Assistant 

Michelle Pais

Counselors / Project Directors

Cynthia McGuire, MS, LPC., in Clinical Counseling, Youth Counselor 

Liliana Yelin, MS., N.C.C., LPC., R.D.N., and C.D.N., Youth Counselor

Cynthia Abbott, LPC, Youth Counselor

Rachel Coombs, MS, N.C.C., Youth Counselor and GAL’s Club Project Director

Jamell Farmer, MS, Youth Counselor 

Debra Tovino, MS, TARGET Literacy Instructor and Project Director

Giancarlo Castagne, Earn-A-Bike Project Director

Tammy Mikadze, SYEP Project Director, LIST Coordinator, and JRB Case Manager