Danbury Youth Services, Inc.:
Strengthening Youth and Families


Counseling Services

Danbury Youth Services offers counseling services that can help children and their families overcome obstacles together in a positive, encouraging environment. 


Youth Development

From gaining a positive adult mentor to learning how to ride a bike and stay healthy, Danbury Youth Services allows for fun, productive experiences while fostering hope and building life skills.


Work Experience

Danbury Youth Services works with various local employers in order to help connect our youth who may be looking for first time work experience with opportunities to learn hands-on skills.


DYS Leadership Statement

The mission of Danbury Youth Services is one that is embraced by board and staff alike: to strengthen youth and families by supporting and fostering hope alongside teaching the skills necessary to lead positive and productive lives. Of paramount importance to all is to provide children with the ability to lead successful lives while engaging families in the process. Building life skills, teaching children coping mechanisms, and being a resource for both children and families are some of the ways that the mission is carried out. 


About DYS

Danbury Youth Services, Inc. (DYS) is a private, non-profit agency designated as the Youth Services Bureau for the City of Danbury. DYS is also a licensed psychiatric clinic through the Department of Children and Families. Its mission is to strengthen youth and families by supporting and fostering hope and teaching the skills necessary to lead positive and productive lives.

DYS has committed 50 years of service to youth and their families from the Greater Danbury Area, including Ridgefield, Redding, Newtown, Bethel, New Fairfield, Brookfield, Sherman, and New Milford. The agency provides professional counseling and family support services. Direct service employees are comprised of licensed clinicians and prevention specialists with expertise in the areas of substance abuse prevention, social skills development, parenting, crisis intervention, and family therapy.

Danbury Youth Services, Inc. (DYS) was initially organized in 1969 to act as the coordinating agency for all social services in the Greater Danbury Area. This changed in the late 1980’s to reflect the Board of Directors vision for the agency to focus on youth services that would provide the most immediate value to the community. As a result of this action, DYS emerged as the foremost young adult service agency in the community and began working with the City of Danbury to provide these services. Furthermore, in the 1990’s, DYS became a participating agency of the United Way of Northern Fairfield County.

Today, DYS works with a variety of outside agencies to provide its counseling and quality educational programs at little or no-cost to an at-risk and vulnerable population in the Greater Danbury Community.

Danbury Youth Services has continuously been able to succeed through the contribution and compassion of our community. If you would like to support our programs, please consider donating to DYS.

What People Are Saying About DYS

This is a place where I feel safe to talk about what I want. I feel listened to and it makes me feel comfortable. The counselors are helpful and respectful but never push to far. I am getting to release any pent-up emotion to someone who cares and it feels good.
Coming to DYS has helped me learn not to be a bully. My teachers made some changes that my counselor suggested, and its helped me do better at school.
My counselor has shown me a lot about my anger and how I can control it. I’m so excited that DYS has paid for summer camp – they even gave me the bike I needed for camp. When I was in a car accident, my DYS counselor helped me get new eye glasses.